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Restoring the name of “Fragrant Harbour” Asia Plantation helps HongKong

Mr Chan Koon Wing is the last remaining licensed commercial grower of Agarwood in Hong Kong SAR, a third generation Aloeswood farmer understood in your area as “The Hong Kong King of Great smelling wood known as Agarwood/ Aloeswood”.

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is happy to reveal a joint endeavor with Mr Chan to assist protect his existing trees, plant more trees and broaden his plantation plus construct a small visitor centre and develop longer term commercial opportunities.

Asia Plantation Capital is the largest business grower of agarwood trees in Southeast Asia; manufacturers of organic and sustainable oud oils for the international scent market, medical and incense markets. Robert Timmermans, Special Projects Consultant at Asia Plantation Capital clarified that Hong Kong suggests “Fragrant Harbour” meant English. He continued “We first heard about Mr Chan on the CNN report “Saving the ‘Hong’ of Hong Kong”. We had been long familiar with Hong Kong’s as soon as important status as one of the world’s most revered manufacturers and providers of agarwood, and how it had been harvested to virtual termination for its treasured incense from this valuable native tree. Once aware of Mr Chan, we made it our objective to assist him accomplish his goals, similarly as Mr Chan found out of our extensive scientific research study and advanced strategies, he recommended we participate in a joint venture and end up being partners to help him handle and establish his plantations and business.”.

Asia Plantation Capital is providing extra management, financing, security and labour to assist Mr Chan maintain and handle his plantations and to secure the trees from theft, which at anywhere from US$ 500 to US$ 1,000 for an individual tree is a huge issue! Asia Plantation Capital will certainly likewise be developing a tree-nursery and small visitor centre to describe plantations and display agarwood and its end uses.

In 2012, CNN priced quote 55 years of age Mr Chan “My grandpa was the one in the household who began growing these incense trees back in the day, when I was a young boy I followed him up in the hillsides to aid. Now I see a great deal of incense trees in Hong Kong have been logged, so I desire to maintain them.” Matching a 5th generation perfumer with a 3rd generation agarwood/ Aloeswood grower Asia Plantation Capital felt was a natural option, and perhaps another World First in helping display the centuries of tradition involved.

Asia Plantation Capital sees this joint endeavor as part of their long term commitment to ensure the artisan traditions of growing agarwood & incense trees does not go out and actually remains to grow alongside industrial plantations. In 2009, Asia Plantation Capital reintroduced agarwood to Sri Lanka where it had been completely cleaned out by high demand from the Middle East and Chinese markets. Now four years later on, the trees are growing and other plantation operators in Sri Lanka are following the Asia Plantation Capital lead, even working locally with Asia Plantation Capital professionals as a source of understanding and advice to establish their own plantations.

Till the early 20th Century, Hong Kong was understood throughout the world as “The Fragrant Harbour”. It is the ambition of Asia Plantation Capital and Mr Chan, together with his 2 kids, and with the help of.
Fragrance Du Bois, to recover his household name and Fragrant Harbour image back to Hong Kong, safeguarding its heritage for future generations. Re-establishing its rightful location in what is now a worldwide industry with an estimated annual value someplace between US$ 6 and US$ 12 billion.