Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology at Stanford University. He is known for his research on the neural circuits underlying visual perception, neural plasticity, and brain states that support learning and memory. Huberman has made significant contributions to the field of neuroscience, and his work has been widely published in academic journals.

In addition to his research, Huberman is also known for his popular science communication efforts, including his podcast “The Huberman Lab,” in which he discusses topics related to neuroscience, psychology, and performance with guests from a variety of fields. He also has a large following on social media, where he shares insights and tips related to brain health, sleep, and performance.

Huberman is dedicated to making neuroscience accessible to a wider audience and has collaborated with a variety of organizations, including the military and athletic organizations, to help individuals optimize their brain function and performance. He is also committed to diversity and inclusion in science and has spoken out about the need to address systemic issues in the field of neuroscience.

Overall, Andrew Huberman is a respected and influential neuroscientist who has made significant contributions to the field of neuroscience and is known for his efforts to make science accessible to a wider audience.